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Ms Haley & Ms McKenzie's Class - Toddler C

Hey, parents! Happy April!

This month we are going to focus on the book called Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire. The character in the story, Spot, believes he deserves to be in the zoo with the other amazing animals. In this Beginner Book edited by Dr. Seuss, Spot shows two young friends all the exciting things he can do with his spots. From changing their color and juggling them to moving them onto everything around him, you won't believe what Spot can do!

The kiddos LOVE this book, so we are going to be talking a lot about it. I highly encourage you all to sit down and read the book with your children at home, or you are more than welcome to come in the classroom one day and read it as well!

Throughout the month we will focus on the different colors of the spots, different shapes, and different sizes. My goal is for the kids to be able to identify the colors of the spots as we read along in the book.

Have a great April!

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