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Ms Angela & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Hello from the incredible infants at Bright Beginnings!

We have been having a wonderful time with all of our babies, and soon we will welcome new friends into our little family.

The big kids have been working really hard on learning to use their utensils to eat at mealtimes. They have also been doing a great job sitting at the table and sleeping on a cot at nap time.

Next month begins our month of storybooks, child abuse awareness/prevention, Easter, and all things spring. We will be celebrating “Week of the Young Child” in a couple of weeks, so watch for some fun and exciting activities coming soon. We will also be focusing most of our time on storybooks, rhymes, and Easter.

Be sure to check the parent board outside of our room for some new books to read with the babies! As always, we welcome any of the parents or family to drop in to visit with the babies, to read stories to them, or to do other activities with the children, so stop by anytime!

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