Ms Elizabeth's Class - Infants

December 29, 2017

December came with a big surprise! We are so excited to have received a light table! It will be shared with the other classes as well, but we are very happy with how the children are enjoying it and loving it! We have had the chance to play with the colors red and green this month. With the weather not being as cold, we’ve also managed to continue with our outside play and have had the chance to go on stroller rides around the pond and view all the geese.


The infants love sensory exploration! We have added the colors white and blue into our art lesson plans for the month of January. Also added into our lesson plans, we will be working with sensory experiences that include food! This will provide for some fun and interesting activities! We would like to encourage the parents of the older infants to continue working with using utensils at home. The younger infants are also being introduced to using sippy cups; if parents could continue to use them at home to help support the infants’ transitioning, we would really appreciate it.



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