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Ms. Jenny’s Class—Preschool

Hello, parents! I am so excited for Ms. Jessie as she takes on her new position, and I'm equally excited to be stepping into the position as Preschool Master Teacher! I have been teaching preschool and prekindergarten for over twenty years and absolutely love it! November is going to be a fun time for our class!

I want to give a big “Thanks” to those parents who were able to volunteer their time and join us on our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! I also want to thank the parents who were unable to join us but brought their children to school that day so that they could go with us. The kids had a great time, and it meant a lot that they were all able to go and enjoy the day! You are always welcome to volunteer your time as a parent to come read to the class or partake in activities. The door is always open!

This month we are going to be discovering the new fall season. Along with exploring the changes in the weather, we will take pictures and create graphs to document the changes we see in the trees and plants on the playground. We will also be learning how we can use all of our senses by experimenting with Fall Recipes for our cooking experiences. We plan to add new sensory items that relate to fall at the sensory table.

Some fun activities you can enjoy together with your child at home this autumn are (1) going for a nature walk, (2) making a leaf collage, or (3) using small broken branches to build a hanging mobile decoration! Please share with me the fun things you like to as a family at home. I am always here if you have any questions!

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