Ms Nichole's Pre-K Class Update

October 11, 2017

This month in Pre-K, we will be studying the alphabet. I will add in numbers to the lessons as we get more comfortable with our letters. We have lots of new faces in our room, and so we are building as a class. Things will move slowly so that everyone can feel comfortable. I hope to have everyone in the swing of things by December.


Please remember to bring a change of clothes. Some of the children are running low, and with the seasons changing, it's time for some warmer clothing. Be sure to include a jacket so that if the weather gets chilly, we can still enjoy our play.


Please remember no toys in the class room. Stuffed animals for nap time are okay; however, they must remain in each child’s cubby space until then.


Soon I will be sending small little notes in Kid Reports. I would like for you to try and look at them during the day. There are important details that get overlooked. Having strong communication between the teacher and parents is important in my class. Children also take pride in their work, and we want you to see their creations! Thank you all so much and Happy Fall!



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