Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Hello, parents and families of FCCH3! With the holidays and New Year finally winding down, we are ready to enter the cold months! In February we will be doing our own spin on a favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is all about “love,” so we will be focusing on the people and things that we love! Parents will be asked to bring in pictures of family members, and we will talk about them throughout the day. Friends can also bring in a stuffed animal that they love so we can learn more about new friends. Please be aware that we do go outside when it is cold, so please bring appropriate winter attire for your child so they can explore the outdoors with us! As always, thank you for al

Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

With the season changing so much, we would like to continue asking everyone to wash their hands before coming into the classroom. We’ve been learning about the right way of washing our hands in class, and it has been a hit! Hand washing has grabbed the children’s attention, as it is something different than a normal lesson plan. We’ve also started to focus on the letters of our names. We’re really hoping that this will help them to identify their names when prompted. We are taking as long as we can on this subject. We want to make sure that the children have met the goals that we have set. Thank you, Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Sehoy

Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello, Parents! We explored the weather during the month of January, expecting to experience snow, but as you can see, it fell short. For the month of February, we will Grow with Love as we learn to care like a mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister would. We will tend to our babies and care for them the way mothers do. We will also discuss, in Large Group, how our mothers show us love. The children have been doing a great job helping me care for the plants in our class. Therefore, part of our lessons will include the children growing some violets in our class. As always, you as parents are free to visit, help, or read to our kids any time. ELG: Science Standard 3-The child will observe and i

Ms Kaitlyn's Class - Early Preschool 1

In the month of February, we will be learning about language and literacy. We will be teaching the children to identify how the letters in our names are also in the books we read every day. We will begin recognizing names in print and identifying the front and back cover of books. We will also participate in activities to develop the skills necessary for working and interacting with others. For a child, recognizing feelings (their own and other’s) is vital for the stages of development. Our class will also emphasize using words, actions, and feeling words. Thank you, Ms. Bailee and Ms. Ada

Ms Erin & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

In January, we had so much fun learning about animals and how they survive in Winter. The kids enjoyed doing our hibernating bear activities in class. We hope they shared some of the information that they learned at home with you. In the month of February, our focus area from the ELG book will be: Health Safety and Physical Development, Standards 1 and 2. We will be doing a lot of fine and gross motor activities to get our kids moving and active. We will turn our dramatic play into a hands-on bakery. The children will be able to utilize the skills by mixing and baking heart shaped foods, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Thank you, Ms. Erin and Ms. Allison

Ms Krisinda's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Parents!!! Our class had an exciting start to our new year talking about and engaging in number/pattern activities. We have a few new students that joined our room in the last few months. In the month of February, the Early Learning Guideline we will focus on is Communication Skills. We will be working specifically on Standard 2 – Expressive Language: The child will express needs, thoughts, and interests through gestures, sounds or words. We will be doing this to support our social, emotional growth. It is important that we learn to communicate our needs to our classmates. We will also be working on feeling words this month. Kaitlyn and I would like to encourage parents to s

Ms Amanda & Ms Tina's Class - Toddler C

For the month of February, we will be continuing with the ocean and fish theme and focusing on the book The Rainbow Fish. Our class is promoting social and emotional skills this month by identifying, discussing, and then sharing with others. We will be participating in teamwork building activities and taking turns in the games we play. Our class is focusing on positive words towards others and helping friends in need. This will help the children begin to work on managing their feelings and begin to recognize and identify emotions. I am planning more family participation activities in the month of February to promote teamwork at home and school. Thank you, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Tina

Ms Ashley & Ms Chyanne's Class - Infants

For the month of January, we continued working on creative skills and physical development. The children have learned so much in the month of January. They have explored with their fingers in many ways and have unlocked their imagination with their creative skills. The ELG standard that we will be focusing on in our classroom will be: Begin moving with purpose. We will focus on moving with purpose with the younger infants. We do this by teaching them to crawl, roll over, sit up, and stretch out their arms and legs to reach for toys. As for the older infants and one-year old’s, we will help them “move with purpose” by teaching them how to walk on their own. We will also focus on walking with

Ms Jenny & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler A

Happy February! In TA we are going to be focusing on our social, emotional learning. We will learn how to interpret different emotions on faces. As a group, we are going to read the following books plus many more: My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss, The Feelings Book by Todd Parr, and Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda. To reinforce our learning, we will sort different facial pictures with emotions. Then, we will talk about what each facial expression is. We will also focus on our own feelings and how it is okay to feel different emotions throughout our day. We will take the time to label the emotion and talk about what the emotion’s purpose is. We will also focus on wh

Letter from the Director!

In this season, many people are setting goals and reflecting on the successes of the past. We have shared with families our goals as a program for school readiness. These goals can also be viewed at our parent board in the center. As teachers work to collect observations, they intentionally seek out opportunities to help children reach their milestones. During Family Conferences, families will be encouraged to set goals for their child. Going beyond these goals, our teachers want to work with families year-round on setting goals and communicating joint efforts to help support children. Additionally, as you are in our center, new faces may be noticed. Just as a reminder, our center often host

Parent Meetings

Hello, everyone! This is your family service coordinator, Joanna, giving you a glance at the year of our family engagement opportunities. Our organization is proud to support guardians as the first teachers in their child’s life. Offering quality childcare is not only our intention while we nurture the development of your child at the center, but we are also committed to providing you with resources to enhance your parenting experience. To foster this partnership, we’d like your involvement in our upcoming parent meetings and center events. During these gatherings we will discover how to direct kids energy to the parts of the brain that increases healthy brain development and healthy behavio

Zero to Three February Activities

February February’s theme is Textures. Try these fun activities to explore new textures: Talk Together For your baby: Pick one or two concepts (perhaps soft/hard and bumpy/smooth) and use these words as your talk with your baby across the day. “What a soft blanket you have!” “That rattle feels bumpy, doesn’t it?” Follow your baby’s lead and let her linger over textures she seems to find interesting (“yes, your blanket has a smooth edge, and a soft middle”). There may also be textures she does not enjoy, and that’s okay, too. You can label her feelings (“I bet that oatmeal feels sticky on your hands”) and give her something else to touch. For your toddler: Discover textures with your toddler

Oklahoma Right Start Infant/Toddler Program

It is hard to believe we are already entering another month in a new year! At the beginning of February, I am serving providers in Payne, Kay, and Osage County. This picture is of Tosha Stroud who has a FCCH in Pawhuska. She is reading books in her cozy corner which she created to give her students a place to relax and read books. We focus on supporting providers by sharing resources and modeling in their classroom. Relationship based interactions, language development, learning environment, social-emotional, and partnership with families are all skills and behaviors we can help you, as a provider, work on. As the Infant Toddler Specialist for North Central Oklahoma, I serve providers in the

January In Review

What an exciting January it has been! This month we have been busy with trainings, technical assistance, and professional development. R&R Specialists have trained over 70 providers this month. We have trained on Safe Sleep, Behavior & Guidance, Supervision, and Respectful Caregiving. If you are needing training hours, please contact your R&R Specialist or look at the CECPD Training Calendar for options. Technical assistance is free coaching from one of our knowledgeable R&R Specialists. We can come out and help with a variety of issues. A few examples would be Child Guidance, Environment, Transitions, Curriculum, Professional Development, Business and Marketing Techniques. This month, we ha

Meet Our New Staff!

Happy February, We are hoping that you all have settled in to your 2020 well, as it seems to be moving right along, now doesn’t it? Let’s be honest, I made it as far into my “New Year Resolution” as it took me to drink my first cup of coffee and realize, again, New Year Resolutions are not for me. I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself to the few that haven’t had a chance to run in to me yet! My name is Loni, and I am the new Administrative Assistant for Ivy Academy West. For those of you that weathered the transition with us from DCDC Bartlesville back to our beautiful new home here at Ivy Academy West, I will be your “Maria”. Please feel free to contact me with any questions

Ms Nikki's Class - Early Preschool

Hello! We have been working on recognizing our letter names and writing the first letter of our names in sand. Also, we played lots of games during this time like "what letter does that start with?”. We will be revisiting our letters and name recognition in the next few weeks as our children are doing very well with this. As we move on to February, we will also be learning more about our moods and emotions as we talk about what makes us happy, sad, scared, proud, and angry. This is going to help us work on our social emotional development skills. We will explore these by reading about new emotions, peer conflict resolution, practicing good citizenship, and what it means to be a good friend.

Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Can you believe it’s already February? Our focus this month will be learning about community helpers and how they are involved in our everyday lives. We plan to discover our community helpers in many ways this month! Bartlesville Fire and Rescue, Bartlesville Police department, Bartlesville Public Library, local Service Members of our Armed Forces, Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, Maintenance workers, Mail Carriers, and many other local volunteers will be visiting our classrooms this month to read to our littles and teach them how they help in our community. In class we will learn about community helpers by reading books about police officers, firemen, and many other community helpers. We will be

Ms Cara's Class - Infants

Hello Infant Class family & friends! We have had a busy and exciting month working on social and emotional development with our infants. They’ve done so well adjusting to a new environment and schedule, and getting to know their sweet and unique personalities has been so fun. A big thank you to all the parents - you’ve helped to make their transition so much easier with your open communication! This next month, we will be focusing on Language Arts and helping your baby to express their needs and interests through gestures, sounds, or words. In class, we will do this by expanding our ASL vocabulary, introducing new picture identifiers throughout the classroom, bringing pictures of family memb

Letter from the Director

Let’s get outside! Outdoor play should be embraced in all types of weather. Playing outside in the winter presents its own unique opportunities for exploration and learning. As the seasons change from warmer weather to colder weather, there are many visual changes outside for children to experience as well. It is important that children remain active in the cooler months so that they continue to build emerging skills that are crucial to their physical development. Most adults associate winter with getting colds and illnesses such as the flu. However, it is not exposure to the cold that causes these viruses. In fact, it’s likely to be increased exposure to poorly ventilated indoor environment

Ms Nikki's Class - Early Preschool

Hello! I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas. The new year has just begun, and I am so excited about all of the new things that we will be learning about in 2020. This month we will be focusing on “All about me”. We will learn how to take care of our bodies and regulate our emotions and so much more. I will be teaching the children that it is okay to have feelings, moods, and different emotions. We will also discuss what makes them happy, what does not, and what to do when they are not happy. We will also be practicing yoga and other things that keep our body healthy. I want to thank all the parents for your continued support. Feel free to join us in class and learn some of our yoga pos

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