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Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello, Parents!

We explored the weather during the month of January, expecting to experience snow, but as you can see, it fell short. For the month of February, we will Grow with Love as we learn to care like a mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister would. We will tend to our babies and care for them the way mothers do. We will also discuss, in Large Group, how our mothers show us love.

The children have been doing a great job helping me care for the plants in our class. Therefore, part of our lessons will include the children growing some violets in our class. As always, you as parents are free to visit, help, or read to our kids any time.

ELG: Science Standard 3-The child will observe and investigate plants. Social Studies Standard 1 Civics-The child will exhibit traits of good citizenship.

Ms. Teresa and Ms. Madison

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