Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Hello, Parents! We have had SO MUCH FUN exploring outdoors! Did you know that if you allow your child to experience “Risky Play”, it is so beneficial and promotes so many positive things, such as increased play time, social interactions, creativity, and resilience? It allows children to learn about risk as well as learn about their own limits. Monitoring children’s activities may be a more appropriate approach rather than active supervision. Allowing children to be involved in risky play gives them a chance to expand their mind, take risks, and learn what they can do, all while making sure we are keeping a safe environment to continue to learn and play. As always, we encourage parents to sto

Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

The importance of outside play is very crucial for children. There are many benefits that include exploration of the environment, the development of hand eye coordination and muscles, as well as meeting their social emotional needs. Because it's summer and it's very hot throughout the day, we do make time to go outside in the morning when it is still cool. We make sure that we get lots of water breaks so that our bodies don’t get tired or weak. When we are inside, we explore a lot of sensory projects. We have made art with feathers as paint brushes, put shapes on sticky paper, and we LOVE playdough. We are currently learning all our colors and will continue to work with colors for the next m

Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Language Arts Standard 3 Print Awareness - The child understands the characteristics of written language. Language Arts Standard 6 Letter Knowledge and Early Word Recognition (Phonics) - The child demonstrates the ability to apply sound-symbol relationships. A. Recognizes own name in print. Example: 1. Recognizes and selects his/her name from a list. Hello, Parents! Welcome to Pre-K, we made it! I spent the rest of August getting to know your child. I will continue to do this for the month of September. We have parent teacher conferences coming up this month. I pray I get to meet with all of you. We will spend September in Language Art; my theme will be Who Am I. What this looks like is tha

Ms Erin & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

We have had so much fun in the month of August learning about our five senses, what they are, and how each one is different. The children got to experience first-hand different textures, tastes, and smells. There have been many transitions in the month of August as we have some new friends in our class. To help the children get comfortable in their new setting, we have been asking questions about one other and trying to help the children make those connections with their peers. As we finish the month of August, we will be sending out papers that you can fill out with your child at home. We are asking that you please bring at least 3 pictures about your home. It can be any animals you have, y

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hi, Parents! If you are a new parent to the room, welcome! If you are a returning parent, welcome back! For the month of September, we will begin to get to know our friends and their bodies. We will turn the home living into a doctor’s office, then study our homes, teeth, and everything else a doctor can fix. The kids will take turns being the doctor and taking care of their friends. This will go along with our ELG of the month: Science - Standard One - Scientific Processes and Inquiry – The child investigates and experiments with objects to discover information. If you have anything you would like to donate to our doctor’s office, or if you would like to stop by and be a patient, please le

Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

For the month of August, our classroom has been learning signs in American Sign Language. Due to the amazing interest and burst of vocabulary and communication that I have observed in the children, I have chosen to continue building on the children’s vocabulary and communication skills for the month of September as well. We will be discussing and identifying even more ASL signs in hopes that this will continue to help your child and you communicate with one another. If there is a certain area or specific words that you think of to better assist both myself and you to communicate better with your child, please do not hesitate to speak with me. I would be more than happy to work on those speci

Ms Krisinda & Ms Arika's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Parents!!!! We have been learning about who we are individually and how together we make up our classroom community. This month we are going to continue with growing our social and personal skills within our classroom community. Our friends are learning to use "please" and "thank you" with each other. We are also working on taking turns and sharing. We will be continuing with the Early Learning Guideline of Social and Emotional Development. Standard 1: The child will develop social skills and a sense of security through relationships with others who consistently meet his or her needs. We want our friends to know that they are unique from one another, but to also realize the

Ms Jenny & Ms Nikki's Class - Toddler A

We are ready to learn about each other and our families. We will first focus on our individual and immediate families and make a book with each family member's name. That way we can have a book in class to reference when we feel sad or need to be reminded of our homes. The second week we will focus on grandparents, aunts, uncles, and pets. The third week I would like to focus on friends and to build upon our social skills. The last full week of September I would like to make it all about us and our individuality and how our family and friends help to shape us. We had fun stomping and roaring like dinosaurs through August! We learned about quantity and created plenty of art and were able to p

Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

For the month of August, we learned more about being independent by walking, crawling, and rolling over. The older infants are enjoying eating at the table. For the month of September, we will focus on the second ELG this time around. We will still work on Social and Personal Skills. The first ELG is: Continue to develop social and interaction skills and begin to show independence while maintaining strong attachments with caregivers. The second ELG that we will also work on is: Begin to recognize and respond to the emotional cues of self and others. When the children work on these things, it will help them develop more independence and learn to self-sooth themselves. This is a very important

Letter from the Director!

Please plan on joining us during the week of September 16th for family conferences. During this time, families will set goals and plan for the upcoming adventures here in the child development center. We operate our program keeping families’ perspectives in mind; we have aspirations of authentic partnerships between you as families and us as educators. While we work together to support your child’s growth and development, here are some links to resources that may provide your family with information on best practices in early childhood education. National Association for the Education of Young Children Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (hosted by the Office of Head Start) Lakesho

Meet the New Faces at our Center!

Hello, everyone! I’m Joanna Lamadrid, the Family Service Coordinator for the Delaware Child Development – Downtown Center. I’m a California native but consider Bartlesville my second home due to my residency here when I attended Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I look forward to meeting you all and working together to enhance the developmental and educational process for your child. My goal is to support you, the guardian and primary teacher, by providing resources and learning opportunities to help shape a positive early childhood experience and strengthen family bonds. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with you. See you soon! Warmly, Joanna Hi! My name is Halle Martin, and I

Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

As summer break is drawing to a close, I would love to highlight how much fun we have had in the month of July. The most exciting thing that the kids love to talk about is our new playground. The children have loved exploring the new and fun activities we have available. It was fascinating to watch how the children were hesitant about some of the new experiences, like needing a teacher to help them get on the zip line or needing a teacher to help push them while on the swings. It took the children a few days to build up their confidence to do it all on their own. The new playground has provided the children with experiences that foster their social development, feed their senses, strengthen

Ms Nicole's Class - Preschool 1

Hello, friends and family from Preschool 1! I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool. We have been exploring bread all month and also talking about our new feelings that we have been experiencing lately with school about to start. One thing I would like to mention is that all children feel different about this big change. Your child may be excited and happy to tackle the change, or he or she may feel nervous and scared. They have asked me every day if I will miss them when they leave here. I assure them that I will not only miss them but think about them every day. We have been discussing some books to help us with some emotional troubles that they might be facing. One

Ms Terri's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello from EPS 2! We are excited for the new playground to finally be open!! We now have swings, a Hobbit House, a slide in the hill, and a tunnel on the other side of the hill. We are having so much fun! Oh, and I just about forgot to tell you that we also have a pebble stream that we can play in and get cooled off since it is still hot outside. We also have a Zipline. A lot of my friends had not ever been on one before, so this is really exciting for them. We have cool things to climb on, and we even have a mud kitchen for making those delicious mud pies. If you have time, please feel free to come by and take a tour of our awesome new playground. Just a reminder that especially now because

Ms KK's Class - EPS 1

Hello from EPS 1! Summertime has been good to us this year, bringing fair temperatures and the grand opening to our new playground! The children have enjoyed being able to dip their feet into the shallow flow of the stream and get a feel for the textured rocks. And if that's not quite interesting enough, there are plenty of other imagination stations to explore! The mud kitchen is surely a favorite, watching the recipes come to life as each child stays busy making their very own specialty. Another place to hang out and relax in the shade is our hobbit house! This is a fun place to lean back and relax in an atmosphere that's shady and full of space to entertain friends. Books and puzzles are

Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from the Toddler 4 classroom! We have been doing great things this month! Our class has been working on developing our communication skills with a focus on expressing our needs, thoughts, and interests through words. One tool we have been using in the classroom and can be used at home is taking the children’s words and offering an expanded response using new vocabulary. When a child comes to you with a book and says “book,” you can respond by saying, “You have a book. Would you like to read this book with me?” This allows the child to have confidence that they are being understood as well as developing new words that they can attach to their wants and needs. Every day experiences can d

Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 3

This month your child will continue to work on his/her communication skills and early literacy. In the classroom we will provide the children opportunities to expand their vocabulary. By reading familiar books and singing familiar songs, we are helping them distinguish familiar sounds and spoken words. Throughout the classroom we have begun to label our toys with pictures and words. We have also made a visual schedule for our daily routines to help them transition easier throughout the day. This month we will also be focusing on your child’s social and personal skills by inviting him/her to engage in parallel play. In other words, they will be given the choice to play alone or with another c

Ms Jessica's Class - Toddler 2

Hello! I am so glad to be back here at school with the kiddos. I can’t believe how fast they are growing and developing. As you may have noticed, some of our friends have moved to the early preschool class, and we will be welcoming new friends in our class, so be sure to say “Hi.” Our classmates have been so welcoming! I can’t believe how fast summer is flying by! With how hot it’s been, we are getting creative with ways to stay active inside. The children have loved blowing bubbles by themselves, throwing and catching feathers, and playing toss with friends. And, of course, water play is a favorite to stay cool outside. We have also added a big drum to our classroom, and the children have b

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