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Ms Jenny & Ms Nikki's Class - Toddler A

We are ready to learn about each other and our families. We will first focus on our individual and immediate families and make a book with each family member's name. That way we can have a book in class to reference when we feel sad or need to be reminded of our homes. The second week we will focus on grandparents, aunts, uncles, and pets. The third week I would like to focus on friends and to build upon our social skills. The last full week of September I would like to make it all about us and our individuality and how our family and friends help to shape us.

We had fun stomping and roaring like dinosaurs through August! We learned about quantity and created plenty of art and were able to put it together in a book.

Please e-mail individual pictures of you and your family to me at so that we can begin making our family books.

Thank you for sharing with our class,

Ms. Jenny and Ms. Nikki

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