Letter from the Director!

Did you know that the cultural tradition of “Spring Cleaning” and reducing clutter has health benefits for your family? Research shows that spaces with less clutter reduce stress, provide clarity of mind, contain less nooks and crannies for dust and mold, and save families money. Your child can be involved in the efforts too. An idea is to have your child donate toys they don’t use anymore. Another idea is to consider open-ended toys, toys with multi-purpose when adding to your child’s collection. Some families do toy and clothes swapping as their children grow older. Whatever the method, consider also the environmental benefits of living more minimalistic. Families can read more about the b

Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso

Hello, parents! In February, we had fun learning and showing people in our lives that we love and care for them. Now it is time to start thinking about spring! With March just around the corner we will be learning all about the colors of the rainbow and how we can use colors to make EVEN MORE colors! Feel free to join us in our activities; your children love it when you come by to visit during the day! Also, remember to bring warmer clothes; it is still pretty cold outside, and we try to go outside as much as possible! Thank you for everything you do, parents! We truly enjoy teaching your children and watching them learn! Ms. Carly and Ms. Gabi

Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

Did you know that dinosaurs lived a long, long time ago? WE DO!! Our focus subject last month was about dinosaurs. We read a lot of books that included dinosaurs, listened to dinosaur songs, and made art using our dinosaur feet!! We went on a dinosaur hunt outdoors where we were able to dig up dinosaurs out of the sandbox!! We are moving our focus next month to shapes. Not only will this help them know their shapes, but this will help the children learn to identify shapes in everyday life. Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Sehoy

Ms Teresa & Ms Maddie's Class - Preschool

Hello, parents, The month of February was full of Love! The kids enjoyed the flower and baby nursery as they used their cognitive skills in creating their bouquets. They also used their social emotional skills as they fed and talked to the babies. For the month of March, we will learn how water moves in many ways as we explore with rain puddles, ice, water in a glass, and what happens when we heat it up. We will discuss what clouds are made of and we will also learn the water dance. ELG-Science STANDARD 4 Earth/Space – The child investigates and observes the basic concepts of the Earth ELG-Physical Development STANDARD 1 Large Muscle Skill Development – The child participates in activiti

Ms Erin & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Our kids had so much fun learning about being healthy that we decided we will continue to build onto the health, safety, and physical development in the ELG book. We will begin discussing more in depth about teeth brushing and hygiene as well as how we keep ourselves safe from fires and other circumstances that we can experience in our daily lives. Ms. Erin and Ms. Allison

Ms Kaitlyn's Class - Early Preschool 1

In the month of March, we will be working more on our letters and learning how to write them. We will also be trying to find the letters and the same sound objects in our everyday activities. While we are in the classroom, we will be working on our class expectations, such as soft hands, soft feet, and soft voices. This month we have parent teacher conferences the 10th through the 12th. It will be to meet the teacher, and we will also be talking about the goals you have for your child while in this class. I would also like to know what your child talks about while they are at home; that way we can incorporate it into the lesson plan and make learning fun for the kids! Ms. Kaitlyn

Ms Amanda & Ms Tina's Class - Toddler C

In the month of March, we will be focusing on helping and caring for others. We will focus on this topic by discussing pets. We will discuss how we care for pets in ways such as feeding, bathing, and watering them. These discussions will also expand your child’s vocabulary as we will be using new and descriptive words to label how we care for our pets. We will also discuss safety by informing the children that we should always ask to pet other people’s animals first. We will also discuss and demonstrate gentle touches with animals. I would love to receive pictures of your pets at home so that the children can better utilize what is being demonstrated in class at home. As the month goes by, I

Ms Krisinda's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Parents!!!! Our class will be continuing to work on our Communication Skills for the Early Learning Guideline for March. We will continue to focus on Standard 2 – Expressive (Speaking/Vocabulary): The child expresses needs, thoughts, and interests through gestures, sounds, or words. In February we began to explore our emotions. The emotions we are starting with include happy, sad, scared, and mad. By now, most, if not all, of our families have participated in our emotion pictures. We are using these pictures to help the class recognize and understand what these emotions look like on other’s faces. Our goal is that they can recognize and verbalize when a classmate, another st

Ms Jenny & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler A

Happy March, TA families! This month we will be learning the days of the week and introducing weather concepts by talking about each day’s weather. We will take our learning outside; hopefully the weather will be warmer, and we will take nature walks within our play scape and go hunting for rocks, clovers, and flowers. We will study rocks and their characteristics (is it smooth? Rough? Small?) and the different words to describe it. We will also go on a clover hunt and use our magnifying glasses to really look at it closely. We will talk about St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring as well. This past February we learned about our four main emotions and how to identify them on each of

Ms Ashley & Ms Chyanne's Class - Infants

In the month of February, the infants worked on moving with purpose which helped to develop the children’s gross motors skills. The children also learned to be more independent and explore new things. As for the month of March, the ELG that Chyanne and I will be focusing on is based on approaches to learning. With this ELG, the children will explore relationships and the environment independently and with purpose. With this ELG we will work on exploring relationships with different people that come in and out of our classroom. By the children exploring outside, they will be able to explore new things such as the grass, sand, and the concrete, and they will be able to explore all the differen

The Reading Corner!

This month’s Featured Books: Dr. Seuss Theme Infant/ Toddler: Dr. Seuss’s ABC Letters come alive on the page, as Dr. Seuss fills the alphabet with his classic colorful characters. Starting with the most basic building blocks of language, Pre-School: Dr. Seuss’s Book of Animals This story introduces and compares many kinds of animals. It meets several ELG concept areas, including; Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. School-Age: Oh, The Places You’ll Go! This book was Dr. Seuss’s last book to be published during his lifetime. It is about the journey of life and its challenges. Teachers can use this book to enhance their Language arts, Social Studies, or creative arts learning centers.

A Look Back at February

Hello, North Central Providers! This month was filled with love and learning. We had the privilege to attend Dr. Bruce D. Perry at the Bridge of Hope Summit put on by the State Department of Education. Dr. Perry is a well-known therapist on childhood trauma and the effects trauma has on the overall health of children and adults. Trainings this month were done in Washington, Kay, Noble, Osage, Payne, and Pawnee Counties. Topics included Safe Sleep, Health & Safety, Supervision, Music & Movement, and Nurturing the Teacher/Parent Relationship. Your R&R Specialists have been out doing technical assistance in Kay, Osage, and Payne. If you are looking for help in your home, center, or classroom, p

Cook (Multiple Locations- Bartlesville, OK; Owasso, OK; Claremore, OK)

Seeking a qualified professional with cooking experience The Cook will be responsible for preparation, serving and clean up of meals at the facility. He/she will keep the kitchen cleaned and sanitized at all times. The cook will maintain records and implement the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) according to the State Department of Education and WCCCF/DCD policies and procedures. Work Location: (Multiple Locations- Bartlesville, OK; Owasso, OK; Claremore, OK) Schedule: Full Time Salary: Highly competitive, commensurate with education and experience APPLY Position Summary: The Cook will be responsible for preparation, serving, and clean-up of meals at the facility. He/she will keep

DCDC Bartlesville Welcomes New Teachers!

Debra Sherrell will be the Master Teacher in Early Preschool 2 as soon as that class opens up. She has worked in early childcare for 12 years and has a B.S. in Christian Education with an emphasis in Child Care. She enjoys spending time with her four young nieces on the weekends. Pam Rachal has worked in early child care for four years, and she and her husband raised foster children for ten years. She plans to earn her CDA this year as a student in Delaware Child Development’s CDA program. She is a Supporting Teacher, providing enrichment in the classrooms. Shelby Kesler has been in child care for 5 years, previously working with special needs in group homes and other locations. Shelby is a

Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello, Preschool 2 Families! The children really enjoyed learning about exercising and why exercising is important. We have been able to freely express ourselves through various active play activities. The children especially like to dance and play tag. With having a mild winter, we were able to move our bodies by running, climbing, balancing on the balance beam, and swinging. When we were inside on colder days, we were able to dance, crawl through a tunnel, hop over blocks, and throw balls. For the month of February, we will be working on literacy. The children will learn how to find their names, identify the letters of their name, and strengthen fine motor skills by tracing their names. Th

Ms Jessica's Class - Preschool 1

Hello, all! I can’t believe January is already over. So far, 2020 has flown by! With the holidays being over and the craziness calming down, we have really been working on routines and transitions. Having a solid routine helps everyone throughout the day. When the children know what is coming, they are more at ease and feel more in control. If they feel in control it helps so much with their social emotional experience. Transitions make the day go smoother. Also, when the children see me flick the light, they know their attention needs to be on me, and I give them at least a 5 minute warning when we are about to clean up or do something else.So far, it has been a lot smoother throughout the

Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello from EPS 1! We certainly hope that everyone is staying nice and warm so far this year with the chilly temperatures that have had us bundling up and shivering from the cold! We are staying nice and toasty inside our classroom and know exactly the perfect time to dress appropriately when preparing for outdoor play! There are so many things to do outdoors in the cold. And even though it's cold outside, it's recommended that your child play and connect with nature during winter. It's always fun to build a snowman, go sledding, or make snow angels. Just maybe though, you don't always get to experience a snow filled winter here in Oklahoma. Well, don't be too disappointed. There are some fu

Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from Toddler 4! We have been exploring science this month. One topic of discussion in our class is the weather. We liked talking about the snow this past month and the clothes we have to wear when it’s cold. We also planted beans in a mason jar and watched them sprout. The children really enjoy watering the beans to help them grow. As we move into next month, we will continue with learning about science. Soon we will be planting our own seeds that we can water and take home when they begin to grow! We will also be exploring all things nature. So, if your child picks up a stick or a rock, encourage exploration and imagination! We will be having a Valentine’s Day Party on Friday, Februar

Ms Shelby's Class - Toddler 3

This past month we have had lots of fun exploring art and painting. Our favorite activity was ice painting! We mixed paint/water and froze it with a popsicle stick handle and then went wild with our creations. This activity was intended to work on not only gross motor, but also fine motor skills as well. The children had to focus on squeezing the popsicle sticks with their fingers in order to be able to make marks on their paper. We were also able to practice identifying our colors and naming them. We did this by pointing to the different paint cubes and saying the name of the color, as well as talking about each color as we used them on our paper. There were plenty of giggles and laughter t

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