Letter from the Director!

Dear Families, We are ready to host you at our upcoming conferences! The purpose of meeting together is to allow families time to dialogue with their child’s teacher about the needs of the child and family. Every trimester we will invite you in to share some reflections with us about your child and their accomplishments and build some family goals. Teachers spend many hours preparing for these times with you in hopes of learning new information about your family and how they can better serve in the classroom. Thank you for taking time to join us for these occasions; we could not make the strides we have made without your commitment. As the year moves forward, we will continue counting on you

Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

Hello Parents! We’re doing so well with identifying the first letters of the alphabet. We are currently still learning the letters G, H, and I. We do not plan to rush or have a set time when it comes to learning the letters. Sometimes some children are able to learn it as it is introduced, but there are other children who might need to work on it a little more before finally understanding, and that is completely NORMAL! Not everyone learns at the same rate because everyone has different learning styles. That is why when we are learning our alphabet, we make sure that the letters are visible throughout the day. We also work with wax sticks for the children to be able to work with it hands on,

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

Hip Hip Hooray, It's Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! We will be celebrating with child's play where children learn and develop skills they will need later in life. When children make or build things in their play, they are building skills and confidence in themselves. This month we will be reading Dr. Seuss books like... The Cat in The Hat, Hop on Pop, Fox in Sock, Green Eggs and Ham, and One fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. We will also be learning some of his Quotes like... "Today you are you! That is truer than true!", "There is no one alive who is you-er than you!", and "A person's a person, no matter how small." We will be discussing how important others' feelings are. We will be learning the let

Ms Teresa & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, Parents! In the month of March we will be focusing on our phonological Awareness/Language skills. Our theme for this month will be "Read! Read! Read!" We will turn our library into a Dr. Suess theme where we will focus on three books - Fox in Sox, Hop on Pop, and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. We will create things that tie in with these books as we learn rhyming words of fun. We have also added hula hoop movements to our large group time where we use the words up, down, spin around, over, and under to give the children the correct way to use new words. We have added individual comp books for the children to begin intentionally writing whenever they choose to in our writing cen

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents! The children in EPS 1 are doing great things with even more to come! We are now moving our focus to the in’s and out’s and all around’s of our books. Not with the focus on how to read, but where to begin. We will use different activities which will teach us to start left and read right. We will also talk about the predictions they can make from the pictures in the stories. During the month of February, we got a tiny head start on these skills to get a better idea of exactly where we are. One fun game you may have seen us do before, and will see again, is replacing (some) words with pictures. This helped the children to read and finish these sentences along with me. If you are

Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

The month of March we will be focusing on shapes. The identification of shapes is important because the human brain categorizes everything around us by shapes and colors. Shapes are an important foundation for learning many other life skills later on such as mathematics, science, and reading. Children begin identifying shapes at a very early age with objects all around them. Even though they are unaware of it, they are learning the basic educational process of observation of same and different. Shapes are also symbols, and learning to identify shapes early on sets a foundation to reading, because all letters are symbols. Letters are made of various shapes, so in teaching your child to draw d

Ms Krisinda & Ms Daphne's Class - Toddler B

Hello, TB Parents! Toddler B will be exploring and learning about the five senses during March. Each week we will highlight and explore a different sense. Daphne and I will begin with the sense of touch. We want to have an understanding of the different textures we feel daily and how we can “hear” through touch. We will also use this opportunity to talk about using a kind touch when we interact with our classmates. By exploring the sense of hearing, we will learn how our ears work and that they are also important for helping us keep our balance. Our sense of taste is connected to our tongue and our nose. We will be tasting different food items to see if we can tell the difference between swe

Ms Jenny & Ms Nikki's Class - Toddler A

Greetings from TA! In the month of March, we are going to be learning about the days of the week and progress toward studying weather and the four seasons. This is important because it introduces the concept of time through benchmarks called days and builds upon their knowledge of their every day routine (such as after nap and snack, they get to go home.) The first day of Spring will be on Wednesday, March 20, and I hope that our Oklahoma weather will cooperate and help us to recognize the change. We will learn and sing songs about the days of the week and use our senses to identify what type of weather we are having. We will also expand our daily visual schedule to include the days of the w

Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

Hello again from the infant room! We have been continuing to work on our fine motor and gross motor skills. To work on fine motor skills, we have been doing lots of finger painting with the kids. The purpose of this is for the children to feel different textures and help them learn how to work their fingers and hands together. To work on gross motor skills, we have been working with the younger infants on sitting up and rolling over. For the older infants, we have been working on standing and walking. In the Month of March our focus will be on the color green and also learning the word in Spanish which is Verde. We will also focus on counting to 4 in English and Spanish. By working on these

Oklahoma Right Start Infant Toddler Project

The goal for the Program is to improve the quality of the child care program by building a strong relationship-based foundation of care for infants and toddlers. We have Infant Toddler Specialists across the state who have experience working in programs with infants and toddlers. They are degreed and have received specialized training to work with the providers in the community. We want to offer the opportunity to accept your program into Oklahoma Right Start at no cost to you. Benefits to Programs: Receiving 30 hours of coaching for staff related to Six Essential Practices of Infant/Toddler Care Building effective learning environments Providing support focusing on strong relationships betw

Ms Mashaya's Class

Hello from Classroom 2! It’s has been a crazy month for us! We are getting to know each other and settling in to our classroom together. This month we focused on getting to know our colors. We did this by talking about all the different colors outside and in our class room, and what colors we see at home. We added some crazy colored rice to our sensory table and painted with lots of different colors! For the month of February we are going to talk about birthdays, since most of our class has a birthday in February. We will discuss what it means to have a birthday and how old we are while singing different birthday songs and doing some fun birthday art! We will also be re-arranging our classro

Ms Jennifer's Class

Hello! This past month we have been talking about animals. We discussed different types of animals, where they live, and the sounds they make. We also did some fun animal art. We have also been exploring some of the other new toys that we got for our classroom. The new blocks have been a real interest to several of the children, so we have spent a lot of time building different things and stacking the different blocks to see how tall we can get them before they fall or they get knocked down. Since the children have been so interested in the different animals, we have decided to continue to talk about them for another week or two before we move on to talk colors. I have a lot of fun activ

Letter from the Director!

Dear Families, We are in the midst of flu season. The CDC states that flu season peaks between December and February each year. The best way to keep from spreading the virus is by washing your hands. As you well know, washing your hands is the best way of preventing the spread of germs from one person to the other. People frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without realizing it, each of which is a portal into your body. Germs from unwashed hands can transfer from the objects we touch and then can transfer to other people when we shake their hands. It is important to make sure we are teaching the children proper ways of washing hands. Want a fun activity to help teach your child abou

Letter from the Director!

Have you heard of a resource available to you called “Parents As Teachers?” Parents as Teachers is a program that works with caregivers and parents to build strong communities of thriving families. This evidence-based model teaches techniques on supporting developmental milestones, tackling difficult subjects like childhood obesity, and gives ideas on how to connect your child to literature. We utilize this tool during home visits, but also in the classroom. It is our commitment to continue to partner with your family and have an open table to set goals together. We aspire that ALL families get involved in the program in some way. During the month of February, every Friday we will be sending

Ms Amanda Jones—Family Child Care Home 1 Bartlesville

Hello Parents! It feels like January left us just as quickly as it got here. We have been so busy that the month just flew by. This month some of us have been working on our communication skills, and we are getting really good at using our words to talk to each other. We sometimes need some help getting our words out, but we are proud to say that our vocabulary is really growing. A few of us have also been getting creative using our gross motor skills, and we're learning all the different ways our bodies can move. Our favorite unit this month was on Transportation. We were so excited to learn about all the many different ways people travel around. Our transportation books have given us a who

Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

Well, time sure flies when you’re having fun! Preschool has been having a blast with these boxes, and we have even worked super hard on our quiet space. We have been using the term “team work” a ton lately in class. I cannot express enough to the children how important it is to work together and help one another out. It’s fun to catch them working together and hearing them say, “Look, we are using teamwork!” In the next few weeks we are going to continue our study on boxes and maybe see what else we can make from cardboard. We’re also going to add in some Valentines learning as well. We will discuss the importance of love, friendship and kindness. At this age children tend to tell one anothe

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Hello from EPS! We hope you have enjoyed your holidays as much as we have. We are now ready to move forward in 2019! There have been so many incredible things happening in our room; we are excited to share them with you! Of course, with the first mention of Snow in the forecast, we begin to brainstorm on what fun activities we can endure during our time outside while the ground is being covered in a winter wonderland. While Mother Nature tends to trick us, we are anxiously waiting for our first Snow Day at school. In the meantime, we simply use Ice to make different shapes, sizes, and art pieces. We also like to discuss what happens when ice melts. So, no matter what comes our way, we make t

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello all! Oh my, this month has flown by, and we are already done with the first month of 2019! We have been getting creative with ways to stay busy and keeping little minds engaged while spending more time inside. We have done a lot more child led activities. We just ask the children what they want to do. Then we do it. The children really like being involved and stay more engaged when they get to make the big decisions. Some of the activities we have done are playing with bubbles; the children love getting to be active while popping, catching, and blowing the bubbles inside even though it’s usually an outside activity. Another thing we did is explore shaving cream; we just put it all ov

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

We hope our families in T1 had a wonderful January! We had a lot of fun playing in our sensory table as we used cotton balls to simulate snow. We also had fun reading our winter books such as If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and Let it Snow. The children think it is hilarious when the mouse wants to watch a movie; some even say, “Mice don’t watch movies!” Our February will be just as fun. We will continue to educate the children on the changing weather and how it is winter. Additionally, since it is getting close to Valentine’s Day, I want to focus on our relationships with each other and expressing our feelings. We have several great books such as The Feelings Book and How Do I Love You th

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