Ms Amanda Jones—Family Child Care Home 1 Bartlesville

The month of October was a busy month! As the season and weather outside change, we have also had some changes here at our center. Ms Renae has moved up to a Master Teacher position at our new DCDC West location. We miss her so much, but we are very happy that she has the opportunity to touch the lives of more children in our community. We have enjoyed getting to know Ms Susan, and we are so happy she has joined us here at our Family Child Care Home. We also had to say goodbye to some friends, but we are excited to have two new friends join us. Before all the weather changes occurred, we spent many of our days outside playing in the mud! We love getting messy! As the days got cooler we enj

Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

It is that time of year when things begin to change all around us! The air becomes cool and crisp, the trees become vibrant with warm colors, and we have thoughts of thankfulness and family. One of my favorite things to do with children is investigate all the unique patterns of changes that are happening around us. There is no better way to learn than to get outside and explore the transformation with our own eyes. The children love to go on walks and see new things, so we decided to bring bags on our walk and find items that looked different from what was found on our previous walks. The children went frenetic when they noticed that the leaves were different colors and even falling from the

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Hello from Early Preschool! We are so excited about the things that have happened and that are taking place this month. The children and I have been so busy discussing and exploring trees and their growth, leaves and their colors, and of course Pumpkins! We find it amazing the way the scenes of nature have changed so quickly. We are so mesmerized with the colors of leaves and the temperature change, not to mention lots of rain! Rain has been a welcome sight to this group, as they all so carefully put their rain boots on and their jackets to take turns dancing, singing, and stomping in the puddles. Children are such a pleasure to watch when they are speaking to one another about the weather a

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello from T2! October has flown by, and we are so excited Fall is here! We have been very busy in our classroom. In the beginning of October we continued talking about farm animals. The children really enjoyed listening to “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” and listening to animal noises. Some books they enjoyed were Big Red Barn and Five Little Ducks. Toward the end of the month we started talking about fall. We talked about what the weather is like in the fall, what changes are in the trees in the fall, the different clothes we wear in the fall, pumpkins, and much more! We have been doing a lot of process art activities which encourages the children to use their imaginations and create whatever t

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

October was a blast! There was so much to do to celebrate the month of October! We sang Halloween songs like “Five Little Pumpkins” and “Happy Halloween!” We also read the books I Love Pumpkins and Going on a Leaf Hunt. The kids love those books and ask to read them all day long! We also painted our own little pumpkins, and those will go home with parents when they dry completely. The children love to play in paint, so that is always a great activity for parents who are looking for Halloween fun! Another pumpkin activity was that the children explored the insides of a large pumpkin. We had lots of responses such as “Eww” and “Squishy” and lots of cute little giggles. Trick or Treating at Hea

Ms Michelle's Class - Infants

The infant room is working with a lot of sensory exploration! In the month of October, we have had the chance to explore with finger painting, making nature collages, and playing with homemade moon sand! Please take a look at our masterpieces hanging in the window. The weather has been a bit cold already! We will be spending more time taking stroller walks to make sure the babies enjoy the small amount of time that we have left with this good weather. We would like to remind you to start bringing in warmer clothes as we will continue to go on walks as it gets cooler. Going outside is an important factor in our curriculum as it promotes social skills, increases attention span, and reduces str

Letter from the Director!

Dear Parents, We are so thrilled to see our DCDC Bartlesville expansion going up! The completion will create five more classrooms and a safe room to take shelter in during dangerous weather. This expansion will allow us to provide quality child care for approximately 51 more children. The trajectory time of completion is Spring 2019. You should expect to see some new personnel around DCDC Bartlesville who are training to be teachers in the expansion. Your child's teacher will not change due to the expansion, but your child's classroom location may change. As the expansion is going up, the teachers have used this opportunity to start investigation-learning experiences with the children in all

Family Child Care Home - Owasso

Happy FALL!! We are very excited about this season because it causes many changes to our environment outside. With our older toddlers, we will be learning that in the fall the days are shorter and the nights are longer. In our indoor group experience, we will be discussing fall colors, and we will be able to experiment with these colors for the next couple of months during our art and sensory experiences. We want to thank everyone who participated in our Grandparent’s Day in September. The kids had so much fun with our special snack and activity of planting our succulents. We would like to mention ahead of time that we will plan to do something special for Halloween, and we hope to have a go

Ms Ashley & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Hello from the Infant room! Ashley and Iris are having so much fun learning all the children's personalities and desires. We have been exploring with bubbles - the children love to be able to touch them and try to eat them as well. These types of activities not only are hands-on fun for our children, but they also build skills of hand-eye coordination. We still are exploring while riding around in the stroller. We also have been exploring our five senses in so many ways from bubbles, finger painting, exploring the outdoors, and trying new foods. It is so much fun watching the children use their five senses. Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life. We are enjoying wa

Ms Teresa & Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

Hello, Parents! The months are passing by, and it's hard to believe that there are only 90 days left till the year 2019 will arrive. We just want to say thank you for entrusting us to love, teach, inspire, and care for your children; it means a lot. We just want to let you all know that for the next three months our class will engage in a lot of natural play. For instance, we will watch and talk about what the weather is doing to the leaves, explore the hot and coldness of the earth, dissect a pumpkin and sing the pumpkin song, and have a pumpkin rolling contest. We will extend this fun throughout the months of October and November. We want you all to know that every child in the class as of

Ms Krisinda & Ms Sadie's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Parents! I am excited to introduce myself as the new Master Teacher. My name is Krisinda Grimes. I am married and a mother to three beautiful children. I also have two amazing granddaughters. We moved here from California 22 months ago to be closer to family and enjoy country life. My free time is spent with family and in the stands watching my son play baseball. We are welcoming Fall into TB this month. We will be using colors that reflect Fall in our art and using natural materials from the playscape to paint with. Our class will be partnering with Ms Teresa’s class to explore pumpkins. Please be sure to check your child’s cubby to be sure they have weather-appropriate clothing. I a

Ms Gabi's Class - Toddler C

The toddlers are making moves! We will be filling our month with music and movement. Did you know that the brain is built with the body when you are a toddler? That means that if you want to work on different parts of your brain, you have to move and develop different parts of your body. We encourage families to get up and move this month! Many neighborhoods have great sidewalks where you might take a family walk. In our classroom we will explore different movements, like going under things. Outdoors we will go over hills and inclines. Learning about how our bodies move in the spaces around us builds our kinesthetic intelligence levels.

Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents! I want to take a moment and share about our recent field trip. Friday, September 14th, some of the EPS students took a field trip to Sunset Ranch in Ramona. This is a ranch that allows the children to see and explore in a safe and natural landscape. During the field trip the children went on a nature walk, painted with nature, and read books about nature. We also learned a few skills about stick carving. We do plan to take more of these field trips in the near future, and we hope everyone can attend next time! We had some volunteers come out and help set up our workspace for the day. The children were able to challenge themselves, create new things, and build stronger connect

Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

This month we will be talking about Autumn! Each week we will have a letter and number goal. For example, during the first week of October, we will be introducing the letter "s" and the number four. In our classrooms, teachers use lots of language and literacy methods to develop these skills in your children. Our hopes are to make each child comfortable with expressing themselves and to allow them to have the tools to explore literacy. I encourage families to look into the book titled The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins. We will be enjoying this book during our studies this month.

Letter from the Director!

Happy October, Delaware Child Development Center families! This month I would like to share with you a little bit about successful learning. Quality Early Childhood Education provides children with a crucial element to enduring successful education and real-life skills. Delaware Child Development Center teachers’ goal is to learn each child’s style of learning and individualize the classroom lesson plans according to the children’s current interest. Teachers are continuously collecting data through observations and activities. They take that information and input it in the program Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG). TSG defines itself as “a seamless system for assessing children from birth throu

Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

I can't believe how FAST September went by! In the preschool class we were quite busy. We made a whole lot of tasty food, and of course, enjoyed eating it! We made granola, pumpkin gingerbread muffins, butternut squash and rice soup, and chicken salad! We found a lot of really cool animals on our morning walks! We found turtles, caterpillars, butterflies, hawks, mourning doves, and a rabbit, as well as some bones to a gopher. We are collecting whatever we can find or catch, and we are putting it in our science center so that we can learn all about the local insects and small animals in our area. We have collected a hawk feather, woodpecker feather, monarch butterfly, moth, dragon fly, a hou

Ms KK’s Class—Early Preschool

Hello from EPS! The time is going by so quickly; we are already learning about the trees and their leaves changing, how many seasons are in a year, and how to grow apples and pumpkins. The children are so busy this time of year and have been enjoying the outside weather—walks in the woods, along with jumping, and hopping. The cooler weather has made us all feel a bit energetic. We had so much fun celebrating our grandparents on Monday, September 10th! We enjoyed a picnic outside during snack time and spent much needed time with our wonderful friends at Elder Care and planting flowers. The children picked out the perfect pot for planting, and of course, the perfect flower that appealed the mo

Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Greetings from T2! September was an awesome month for our class! This month has flown by, and we can’t believe it’s already over! We sure have had fun this month and stayed super busy. For the month of September, we went over animals. We talked about where they live, what they look like, what noises they make, what they eat, and more. We read a lot of stories and sang songs about animals. We talked about ocean animals for most of the month. We played with ocean animals in the sensory table, did process art, and the children finger painted. Now that September is over Miss Mollie will be back in our class full time. We are so excited she is back! We are also excited that cooler weather is fina

Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

September was full of fun in T1 this year! We have been learning about transportation and all the different vehicles. We have a book called My First Things That Go, which has almost every vehicle possible from Trains to Airplanes to Emergency Vehicles. It always has the children’s attention, and they love to read it. Our favorite vehicles right now are School Buses, Firetrucks, and Dump Trucks. We are lucky to be able to see all of these vehicles pass by our classroom, and the kids get so excited! Because of the road work on Tuxedo, we got to watch lots of construction vehicles near our playground. We’ve seen so many dump trucks and concrete trucks! It has been great watching everyone get s

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