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The Month of Love

February’s theme is Heart Health. CardioSmart wrote the article, “The Importance of Promoting Heart Health in Early Childhood”. In the article, they explain how important it is to teach our children about healthy living and healthy behaviors. In the United States, heart disease kills about 610,000 Americans a year. Starting the healthy life discussion early gives the children a jump start on living healthier lives into adulthood. We have a few resource kits that promote health; contact your R&R Specialist to check one out.

With the holidays behind us, we are still monitoring numbers of COVID-19 cases in our region. We are doing limited training with many safety precautions. If you need required trainings such as Safe Sleep, CPR, or ELGs, please contact your R&R Specialist to see if we can schedule a training for you.

Resource & Referral still has cleaners and PPE available to providers. Below is a list of available materials we have. Please contact your R&R Specialist if you need supplies. We will make arrangements with you to drop them off contact free.

Sanitation and Health Supplies

· Surface Cleaner

· Wipes

· Gloves

· Reusable Masks

· Disposable Masks

All resource kits are available for check out. If you are interested in borrowing a kit, please contact your R&R Specialist. Resource kits are cleaned and sanitized when they come back to us from other providers. We want to ensure that our providers and children are protected against viruses and germs.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Resource & Referral Director

Kelsey Thomas


Resource & Referral Specialist

(Kay, Noble, Washington, & Nowata)

Kristine Abbott


Resource & Referral Specialist

(Payne, Logan, Lincoln, Pawnee, and Osage)

Heather Cruz


Infant & Toddler Specialist

Renae Barnett


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