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The Director's Cut

Hello, Ivy Academy Families!

This past month, Ivy Academy has gone through many changes. A new director was hired, and unfortunately, some of our teachers have left to pursue new careers. In the wake of the changes, I would like to offer some tips on how to help children cope with change.

1. Be extra patient. Children’s ability to accept change is very different from adults. Their development and capacity cannot process change as fast and as well as adults. Give them time to adjust to the change

2. Reassure your child of what will be familiar. Although some of the teachers have gone, the routine and schedule in their classroom has stayed the same. Nap time and specific blankets brought from home can also be seen as familiar to the child when a new teacher has come into the classroom.

3. Remember the regressive behaviors are normal during times of change. Children that are fully potty trained can regress and have accidents. Biting is a normal behavior that can happen during times of change as well. Remember to be patient with the child and the other children in their class.

4. Maintain routines as much as possible. Pick up and drop off, eating and sleeping are all routines that need to be predictable and kept regular. This allows children’s natural rhythms to stay consistent and help smooth the transition in change.

I am so excited to be here as your new director and see your child grow! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at the number or email below.


Kristine Abbott

Owasso/Sperry Director



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