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Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool

Hello, Preschool Families! The month of August brought a lot of changes for the children. We had to say goodbye to all of the friends who were going to public school and say hello to all of the new friends who transitioned into our class. I am very grateful for the class that I previously had, and I’m excited for this new group of friends. Welcome to preschool, and I hope that the transition has gone smoothly for you at home as it has at school! For the month of September, we will be working on a study called All About Me. This is an important time because it allows us to all get to know each other. This will help us to connect by sharing with each other what we like and don’t like, helping us to find common ground. We will also be talking a lot about our emotions and being able to identify how we are feeling. Our feelings will constantly be a part of our lives, so it is important to start helping our children to identify what they are feeling while also helping them to find healthy and positive ways to express those feelings. I greatly encourage our families to talk about feelings at home. You can talk about how you are feeling today. If you are having a bad day, talk about how we can make it a better day. It is also important to let the children know that it’s okay to feel sad, mad, or upset. We will constantly feel those ways, but we can choose to make the situation better or choose to find ways to express the way we feel. We look forward to seeing what September brings! Ms. Tuyet and Ms. Pam


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