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Ms Trista's Class - Early Preschool

Hey, Families!

Spring is here and so are warmer temperatures. If you have not noticed yet, there is another playground being constructed at IAOS. This means the kids will get to spend more time outside and explore more. Playing outside gives your child the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures! They can play games, test their physical limits, express themselves, and build their self-confidence. Outdoor play can also mean more mess – and more mess often means more fun!

In the month of March, we focused on expressing ideas or opinions in group or individual settings. The most important is that when you listen to a child, it makes them feel important. If they want to share an opinion and they are told to keep quiet, or they are ignored, they begin to feel as though their feelings and opinions do not matter. This will have a negative impact on their self-esteem. But when children can effectively express themselves, they feel more worthy and that they matter. This is going to have a positive impact on their self-esteem.

As we get into April, we will be focusing on letter recognition and name recognition. We will also begin to work on writing our names with correct finger placement when holding a pencil and scissors. Letter recognition is important because it enables beginning readers to figure out how printed text is associated with the spoken language. Having a mastery of letter names can make learning letter sounds easier for young readers. The sounds of many letter names are closely related to the letter sounds. Fine motor skills can also help develop hand-eye coordination in young children. Young children need time to practice using their fine motor skills in everyday situations. Although it can be tempting for adults to jump in and finish buttoning or snapping shirts or pants or tying shoes because it is faster, it is important that young children get the opportunity to finish these activities because it helps them work on developing their fine motor skills. Click the following links for more information:

Ms. Trista


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