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Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Hello, Parents!

Our February theme was cut short, but the kids enjoyed learning about Doctors and what they do. They learned another name for skin, where their spine is, and how it’s connected to their brain, which tells the body what to do and so on. We made it through the storm as we move on into my favorite month.

The month of March focus will be Dr. Seuss. This month we will have some fun. Our theme will be Everyday Wacky. As we explore our Literacy skills with Dr. Seuss, the children will learn 5 facts about Dr. Seuss. We will bring to life three books - Green Eggs and Ham, Wacky Wednesday, and Put Me in the Zoo. I am excited already!.

Things to remember:

  • Every Friday of March is wacky day! Be creative!

  • If you do not have these three books, you might want to join in and get them.

ELG Language Arts Standard 1: Listening – The child listens for information and for pleasure.

Ms. Teresa


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