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Ms Stormee's Class - Infants 2

A bright hello from Infant 2 this month!

We have had a bright and wonderful start to our New Year! We have been working really hard with our new-found physical development skills in Infant 2! As always, we try to make our focus for our friends to be what they are interested in, and we have all been very interested in our new physical abilities and in finding our voices! We have been practicing our walking skills for some of the children, our crawling skills, and even sitting up. We have been finding new and fun ways to work on these new skills in class. We have been playing with a variety of “walkers”, using teachers’ hands for extra help and support, and we even use our other classmates for help doing these wonderful new things! Each and every one of us are pretty loud and cheerful, so for our friends that are just finding their voices, welcome to the club!

Talking throughout the day is so important and special for our littles at this age, so we make sure to acknowledge and talk back to every little “ooooohhhh” and “aahhh”. The more we work on talking and communicating with our babies, the faster they learn to talk back and find the words themselves. We look forward to these next few months as we have a few littles that are turning 1!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to love your children and help them grow every day!

Ms. Stormee


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