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Ms Sehoy's Class - Toddler A

Hello, Parents! I hope everyone's Christmas went well.

For the month of January, the theme will be Sensory Play. The children will use their Creative Skills to paint different types of pictures using different textures such as corn starch, flour, and salt added to the different colors of paint. We will also do cold and warm creations like snow. We will also continue with our large and small groups as well as focusing on our Language Skills.

ELG Science Standard 1:

Toddler: 16-36 months "The Toddler may begin to develop scientific skills such as observing, comparing objects, and exploring the environment. Provide additional opportunities for child to affect the environment. (For example: containers to pour water, investigate what is inside, and interact and react to their findings.)"

Ms. Sehoy and Ms. Kelly


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