Ms Rebecca & Ms Mashaya's Class - Infants 1

Hi, Families!

As you may know, a lot of change is happening in the Infant room. While change can be scary, it is an inevitable part of life. For our classroom, the change began with Ms. Gabi leaving and beginning a new adventure. We wish her the best, and we also want to welcome our new Assistant Teacher, Ms. Mashaya, to the classroom! As your child’s teacher, my philosophy will remain the same – to provide love and care for your baby.

In August, we discussed the many ways that make each individual unique and how to take care of our bodies – both physically and mentally! It is important to develop these habits early on in order to live healthy lives. Brushing our teeth, self-soothing, and washing our hands are just a few examples of how we practiced taking care of ourselves in our classroom this past month.

For September, we will be learning more about our community and the environment around us. Infants begin to recognize familiar symbols and signs, and some can even differentiate between familiar patterns in the environment. What does this mean for your child? Well, your baby is beginning to understand the world around them! Stop signs, fire trucks, and familiar faces begin forming connections in your child’s brain to be able to expect and predict routines.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have about your child’s development. As always, it is my goal to work with you to give your baby the best possible start in life!

With love,

Ms. Rebecca & Ms. Mashaya

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