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Ms Priscilla's Class - Infant 2

Hello to all from Infant 2!

Can you believe it's April already? With Spring in the air, I want to remind parents to please ensure that your child has weather appropriate clothing. We will try to go outdoors as much as possible as it is important for your child's development.

This month I would like to talk about Routines. Routines are "the manner in which children tell time and learn to regulate their internal clocks" (Bailey, 2001). This is important for a child so that they know what to expect. When a child has a routine in place, they are aware of what will happen next. For example, if the routine is in place and consistent, then a child will know that after breakfast, mommy and I will play with toys, then we will read a book, then we will take a nap. The times do not have to be set in stone, as long as the order of the day is consistent for most days. Set the order in which you will do these everyday activities and practice doing them in the same order every day for at least a month and see if the change makes your days flow more smoothly. There will be days that the routine cannot be followed. That happens. Life happens, but if you will be as consistent as possible, you will find you have a happier baby, and as a result, you will be happier and less stressed (Bailey, 2001).

I hope everyone has a wonderful month and is able to spend more time outdoors.

Until next time!

Ms. Priscilla & Ms. Deb


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