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Ms Priscilla & Ms Deb's Class - Infants

Hello to all from the Infant Class at Ivy Academy Downtown!

I know it has been a very busy few weeks for everyone as we have made the transition to Downtown. Everything has gone very smoothly, and it’s finally starting to feel like home. With that being said, a few of our infants have struggled slightly with the changes as to be expected, and hopefully with routines being the same as before and consistency with the teachers in the classroom, this will not last long.

Can you believe it’s June already? We are excited to spend more time outdoors as the rain lessens. As we spend more time outside, please keep in mind that we encourage our babies to explore and learn about their world, and while doing so, their clothes may get dirty. We ask that you please make sure your child has extra clothes that are weather appropriate at all times. We will also be applying sunscreen each day before going outdoors if your child is 6 months of age or older and we have a permission slip form on file for that. Our outside time will be kept to a minimum when it is hot, and water will be available at all times for each child.

Children benefit greatly from getting fresh air daily, and it provides an excellent opportunity to broaden their vocabulary by talking about the different things we see outside such as birds, grass, dirt, trees, flowers, the sky, and so much more. We also hear sounds outside such as the wind and the birds chirping. I encourage you to spend some outdoor time with your child this month and talk about what you see and hear. I hope you all have a fantastic month!

Until next time!

Ms. Priscilla & Ms. Deb

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