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Ms Pam's Class - Preschool 1

May will be a bittersweet month since we are transitioning to another center, but thankfully, most of my precious children are coming to the new center as well. I am so very fond of each and every one. We will continue growing our carrots, onions, and potatoes in our see-through grow bags. The kids are so excited to be able to see firsthand how our root foods grow underground. They were very shocked when they found out that french fries start out in the dirt! Also, they were able to take home grass and sunflowers that the kids planted and watered themselves. It is a great opportunity to begin learning to take responsibility caring for a living plant.

We are so enjoying the warmer weather, and I know all the children are loving getting all their wiggles and giggles out in the beautiful spring outdoors.

It has certainly been my privilege and honor to take care of your children each day, and again, I am very happy for most to be coming with me to West. My heart is relieved that I can continue to be with them until they begin school.

Ms. Pam


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