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Ms Pam's Class - Early Preschool

I would like to start by introducing myself to those who do not already know me. I am Pam Rachael, the new Master Teacher in EPS. I already know your children quite well from being in all the rooms and closing in the evening. We are already very comfortable with each other, so the transition went very smoothly.

This month we will be doing many different things as well as plenty of sensory activities, which is my personal favorite. Also, the holidays are here!! I hope you all enjoyed your child’s “Thankful Tree” that was from their own words.

We have already begun decorating the classroom as well as adding Christmas activities such as a hot cocoa sensory bin and a Christmas Wonderland bin complete with trees to decorate, play snow, and many other items and containers to sort, scoop, pour, etc. Another thing that we are working on is putting on shoes and socks and taking them off. We put our socks inside our shoes and put them up. You can help your children by letting them work to put on their shoes as much as possible, and when taking them off, putting them away. Of course, we will be making Christmas ornaments and keepsakes for their tree and memory box.

Thank you for allowing me to love and care for your children daily! Pam Rachal

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