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Ms Nikki's Class - Early Preschool

Dear Parents, ​

As you know, we have been studying language and literacy, and the children are doing so well with that study and ready to move on to something else. So, we are moving to the next study for this month - mathematics! I am so excited for this study, and so are the children! ​

Our role in bridging children's informal understanding of mathematics with more formal mathematics is where I will design the learning environment by purposely placing mathematics materials in the interest areas for the children's exploration and by intentionally introducing activities with a mathematics focus. We will play logic games, create mathematical problems, solve stories, and include numerical and algebraic activities as part of the daily routine. ​

Here is a fun activity you can practice at home with your children. ​

1) Count everything! Touch the objects as you say the numbers. ​

2) Count incorrectly or lose track of which objects you have already counted and encourage your child to help you find your errors.​


Ms. Nikki & Ms. Hannah​


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