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Ms Nikki's Class - Early Preschool

Hello, EPS Families!

As you know, fall is upon us. Please be sure your children are dressed for the weather. We suggest light layers to accommodate for our cool mornings and warm afternoons, and rain jackets for our rainy days.

Our kids have been having lots of fun learning about trees. We have been talking about how tall they can get and what lives in them. As we learn more about trees, the children will be asking more and more questions, so I will be sending home informational sheets so you can stay included in our continued study.

For our next class discussion, I would love if my families could take a picture by a tree. You can send your pictures to me at Please be sure to discuss as many observations as you can about this tree with your little, and feel free to bring a souvenir from your tree for a nature “show & tell”. (Be sure to keep a watchful eye out for Poison Ivy/Oak- We will talk about the different trees we have found in our area, similarities and differences, size, shape, and colors.

We are still working on our math skills and writing skills each and every day, and we encourage our kiddos to continue this practice at home. The following website has a list of very fun pre-writing activities for you to do at home with your child.

I want to thank all my parents for everything that you have done for the classroom. We are so blessed to have such great families at our center.


Ms. Nikki & Ms. Hannah


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