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Ms Madison's & Ms Karen's Class - Toddler 3

August was a busy month of learning about transportation, shapes, and colors! The class loved all the painting activities like driving cars across the paper, stamping shapes on a poster board, and mixing colors. I don’t think these kids could ever get tired of painting! Some of our favorite activities from this month were shaving cream sensory, stamping, and Pom Pom sorting!

What I have planned for this month are activities that will develop a sense of self and provide a foundation for reading, meaning your child will not come home naming every letter and reading sentences out of book, but they will begin to understand that words are meant for reading, and that spelling involves multiple characters within a word. All the children in my class already have these skills, (for example: bringing an adult a book, saying “read this”, scribbling left to right, or making lots of individual lines across a paper), but we want to expand these thought processes and see what new ideas we can introduce at this early stage.

Ms. Madison and Ms. Karen


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