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Ms Madison's & Ms Karen's Class - Toddler 3

In July, we had a “blast” talking about Independence Day and enjoying our new playground! There have been many new things to explore and play with outside, and the children have been having so much fun. Recently, we focused on camping and have been doing lots of camp crafts (such as the visors that were sent home and the binoculars we used on “bear hunts”). We have also been playing inside of our pretend tent, fishing in the sensory table, and using pretzels and cheese to “fish” for crackers!

In August, we are taking inspiration from the older kiddos who are starting school and going back to the basics. We are going to be learning about transportation, colors, and shapes this month while also keeping our focus on developing the components of “school readiness” within the classroom. We will be planting the seeds that will grow as the class ages.


Ms. Madison & Ms. Karen


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