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Ms Krisinda's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Early Preschool 1 Families!

We are welcoming in March and Spring this month. March is also the month in which Dr. Seuss was born. To celebrate all the amazing stories and work that Dr. Seuss gave to us, we have chosen Language Arts as our Early Learning Guideline this month. We will be focusing on Literacy Standard 4 and 5. Standard 4 – Phonological Awareness: The child will demonstrate the ability to work with rhymes, words, syllables, and onsets and rimes. Standard 5 – Phonemic Awareness: The child will demonstrate the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds and spoken words.

We will be doing some fun partnering with Early Preschool 2 to do some reading and art and have a friendly reading at home competition. Look for reading slips to be coming home next week. While we will be competing to see whose class has the highest read at home totals,

both classes will be celebrating at the end of the month. We are looking forward to seeing what you read!!

Ms. Krisinda

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