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Ms Krisinda's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Early Preschool 1 Families!

Our class will be spending the month of February working on the Early Learning Guideline of Health, Safety and Physical Development. We will be spending this month working on Standard 1: Large Motor Development – The child will participate in activities that involve large motor skills. These skills include their locomotor movements (i.e., galloping, jumping, running, and riding tricycles) and the ability to demonstrate body and space awareness to move and stop with control over speed and direction. We will also be working on our nonlocomotor movements (i.e., bending, stretching, pulling, pushing, swaying, turning, and twisting) and increasing our abilities to coordinate movements in throwing, catching, kicking, and bouncing balls.

If you have any fun ideas that you would like to see us use this month to work our large muscles, I would love to have you share them with me!

Miss Krisinda


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