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Ms KK's Class - Toddler 4

Greetings from Toddler 4!

During the month of February, the children learned how to speak kindly and take care of each other, and most importantly, themselves. It's such a great time to reflect on being kind and learning how to recognize emotions. This class rocked it! We are discussing vocabulary words instead of yelling, and I'm always there to help out when needed. Of course, the Valentine Party was a huge success, and I want to personally thank each parent who sent treats! Way to go, T-4 Parents!

For the month of March, we are going to be looking for none other than Rainbows and Four-Leaf Clovers! That's right! St. Patrick's Day will be on Thursday, March 17th. This is not only fun but also teaches Math and Colors. It's hard to imagine that it's that time of year, but Spring will debut on Sunday, March 20th! We will be welcoming this season with open arms – Warm Temperatures, Flowers Blooming, and Green Grass! We are excited! If you really want to get involved with your children growing a garden, learning about the weather, or most anything else, you should buy the Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids! It has a lot of interesting facts and activities you can enjoy together!

Thank you for reading our blog! Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing with you! If you see us outside when you are driving by, don't forget to honk as you go by!

Ms. KK and Toddler 4

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