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Ms KK's Class - Toddler 4

Happy February from our class to you!

During the month of January, we really enjoyed time spent on our study about Artic Animals and Winter Weather. The children enjoyed the Arctic Animal Match Up Game and pretended to be very cold like the arctic animals. They shivered and ran around the room; it was so fun to watch their imaginations take off! They are so intrigued by new learning ideas! These kiddos have been able to experience cold outdoor weather this month that may seem like they are in the arctic. Even if we only stay outdoors for ten minutes, they love it! Looking back, we had some warm days as well. None the less, we have fun and make the best of every day! We always say, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing". If it is too cold to go outside, there are a lot of things to do indoors to keep those children engaged! You can allow them to make an obstacle course, have a marching band, paint on ice cubes, and many more things! The fun is endless!

For the month of February, we are focusing on hearts, of course! That also goes hand-in-hand with love and kindness. What a valuable way to remind the children about the giving ways to help one another. I'm so proud of the way this class already does this, as one child steps in to help another.

We are happy to welcome our new friends that have transitioned into our room. Everyone has settled in greatly! It's been so fun to interact and watch the children gain friendships!

Thank you for reading our blog. See you in March!

Ms. KK and the Toddler Four Class


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