Ms KK's Class - Toddler 4

Hello, all! We hope this finds everyone healthy and safe!

Time has quickly marched on, and December certainly did not disappoint! This class welcomed in the last month of the year by having a picnic outside and even enjoying the sunshine while taking a nap! That's right! On December 2nd, the temperatures invited us out to play the entire day! We were very grateful and are continuing to embrace the outside time!

We have had a lot of interesting discussions and discoveries, learning that one tree on our playground smells like a "Christmas Tree!" The children say, "It's Big!" or "It's Soft"! It's actually a Cedar tree, and did you know that there are 13 different kinds of Cedar trees in the world? That's amazing to think about, isn't it? They can grow from 98 to 131 feet! If you put that into perspective, that's quite an adventure from a tiny seed. Spring is the best time to plant, but one must think about the different regions. It's probably best to refer to the Farmer's Almanac in case you're thinking of planting a beautiful Cedar! You won't regret it and the outcome is breathtaking!

For the month of January, we are going to be discussing Snow and Cold Weather Animals. That will be a lot of fun to discover Polar Bears, Musk Ox, Snow Owls, etc. They are such beautiful animals and really thrive in cold temperatures. How neat!

We want to wish each family a Happy New Year, and we are excited to see what happenings are headed our way! Thanks for joining us!

Ms. KK and Toddler 4

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