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Ms KK's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from Toddler 4!

It's a perfect time to start out by saying I am very thankful for my children and families here at IAOS! There have been a lot of transitions happening, and it couldn't be a success without the open mindedness of everyone. We all realize change is the only thing that's constant, and we've handled it with delight. Way to go!

This month we have focused on self-help skills, and the children have done awesome! This class has almost achieved the goal of setting the table unassisted, as well as scoop their own food. They use napkins at each meal and are very independent. Please allow your child to help at home so the skills can continue to grow and become stronger each day. The things they are learning now will last a lifetime.

The weather sure continues to be lovely enough for the children to enjoy their gross motor skills outside! I appreciate the time together outdoors to hear the laughter and creativity happening. So much is being discovered and clarified when you just sit back and observe.

Next month we will be talking about the man in Red. It's hard to believe Santa will be making his journey soon. We are excited to see what the month of December brings us. See you then!

Ms. KK

Master Teacher Toddler 4 Rm.

Ivy Academy Owasso/Sperry

"Work hard and be nice to People".

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