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Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello from EPS 1!

I want to start out by thanking everyone who made time to join me for a parent teacher conference. I know time is not on our side these days; however, it is important to know how your child is doing and what the happenings are in our class. I am excited to get to know each one of you, and I feel we are communicating well. If you ever need to speak with me, please do not hesitate to do so!

We are spending a lot of time outdoors this season, and the heat continues to rise quickly. However, we do use sunscreen, and the children drink lots of water to keep their bodies hydrated. Did you know that nearly 60% of your body is water? Almost everything your body engages in loses water. Dehydration can cause headaches, lack of urination, fatigue, etc., so it is best to keep the water handy and drink up!

Being outside, we have some children who have mastered climbing the tree and some who have simply mastered their own fear of touching a frog. It is a huge accomplishment to see who can find the most snails or the biggest slug. Yep! Slugs are a big deal when you are in early preschool. Not for the faint-hearted or the one that does not like to get dirty. But it is great sensory and exploration, and these children love it!

We are excited to have our classroom extended this summer so everyone can be together. The children are transitioning nicely, and the room is running smoothly. We are eager to see what the next season brings!

Thank you for reading our blog and stay cool!

Ms. KK and the EPS Class


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