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Ms Hannah's Class - Preschool

Hi, Preschool Families!

Each month gets more fun, and the kids and I are having a blast! With the holidays literally right around the corner, we’ve been doing some fun and exciting new art projects to incorporate the holidays as well as what we’ve been learning. This past month we have been learning about colors and increasing our vocabulary by learning what the primary and secondary colors are. By studying ELG Language Art Standards 3 and 6, as well as ELG Science Standard 1, we have been increasing our knowledge of words and continuously getting better with recognizing letters and sounds while also observing and questioning what we see around us in our own environments.

This month we’ll lean more into the mathematics and social studies ELG’s as we start looking at shapes and our own community as well as the community helpers that help our day to day operations run a little bit smoother. Within our classroom, we already have big helpers that love assisting me with breakfast, lunch, snack, cleaning up, setting up new toys, changing out our light tables, and also helping me decide what will be put in our sensory tables. It allows ownership in the class to take place, and it makes the room feel more cozy and more personal to their likes and interests. Plus, I love to see how my kids are feeling each week, and how they want our environment to be changed!

The children are growing and learning so much, and it makes me so happy to see them getting closer and closer to being school-ready!

Ms. Hannah


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