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Ms Gabi & Ms Rebecca's Class - Infants 1

Where has 2020 gone? Can you believe it! This year is almost over. With all this cool weather blowing in, we have had so many creative activities our infant class. In the month of October, we were able to discover bats and all the different colored fall leaves falling from the trees. We even got to enjoy the last few days of warmer weather with a bubble party. The infant class was able to get their hands dirty by digging out the pumpkin seeds, which is a GREAT sensory time for the littles!

In the month of November, we will be focused on more bilateral coordination. Why are balance and coordination important? What makes up bilateral coordination? In fact, there are three components of bilateral coordination:

1. Symmetrical movements

2. Alternating movements

3. Dominant hand/supporting hand movements

Here are some helpful activities to do at home to learn bilateral coordination:

· Have your child (with your assistance) stand on a box and balance

· Go to the park and help them climb up the stairs while holding onto the rail

· Bopping a balloon back and forth or popping bubbles with both hands

· Tearing/ crumpling tissue paper or cotton balls

· Connecting/ separating construction toys or magnetic blocks


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