Ms Gabby's Class - Early Preschool

Dear EPS Parents,

This next month will be so exciting for the kiddos of EPS as the holidays are approaching! We will be circling back to more social emotional growth, what makes a good friend, and showing kindness and manners. I like to mix in as much social emotional development as possible while still having other topics of interest to set our kiddos up for the most success. When a child is having trouble communicating a need or desire, they tend to act out in ways that often counteract their want. By continuing to strengthen their social emotional capacity and capabilities, we are preparing them for the future. When I speak of the future, I’m not just speaking about the next class or school - I am talking about their entire lives!

I can’t wait to keep building with your kiddos, and a large thank you to all our EPS parents!

Miss Gabby

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