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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello again from the Toddler 4 Classroom!

We have been busy this month learning about Social and Personal Skills. Our focus is on our emotions and how we feel when we are having those emotions. One thing we have done in the classroom is that we have posted various pictures of children expressing different emotions. The children are able to look at those pictures and discuss with the teachers and other children about what emotions are going on in the picture as well as how the child might be feeling. It is a great way of discussing different emotions when the children are not involved in those emotions themselves. One of our favorite songs we listen to is “If You’re Happy”. We listen to the version that sings about different emotions such as angry, sleepy, and scared. This can help children learn what we can do when we are feeling these emotions. One example is, “If you’re angry, angry, angry stomp your feet.” This shows children that it is okay to feel angry as long as we can find a safe way to express that anger. I love talking with children about their different emotions so that they can feel comfortable expressing those emotions and that they can know it is okay to feel those ways. Singing and reading are great ways for children to learn about different emotions and what goes on in our bodies when we feel those emotions. It is great to have those conversations with your children so they can feel secure in their emotions and comfortable expressing them in a safe way.

As we move into the month of December, we are excited to turn our focus to Mathematics. Children are learning these simple concepts of mathematics at a young age, and it is often seen through play and exploration. One way children can learn these concepts is to develop an awareness of patterns in our environment. Children can grow this concept by playing with puzzles, matching games, and other manipulatives. Another concept we will be focusing on is Spatial Awareness and Geometry. We love finding different shapes in the classroom, and the children get really excited whenever they are able to identify those shapes themselves. It is also important for children to learn spatial awareness and how their bodies move in their environment. Your friend might not like it if you sit “on top of” him but maybe sitting “next to” him can make you both happy. These simple concepts are the building blocks for what children will continue to learn as they get older. We love providing children with opportunities to learn new concepts in a fun and inviting way.

As we move into this next month, I hope all of you take time to really enjoy your family and friends and reflect on what we are thankful for, even in these crazy times. This year has not been easy for any of us, so I think it is important to remember what is important to us, and that is the beautiful company we have in our friends and families. I know I am thankful for all of your wonderful children that fill our centers and their families that work so hard to make sure they are getting the best care for their growing minds and bodies. I hope you all enjoy these moments because I know I sure do!

Ms. Emily and Ms. Riley

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