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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from the Toddler 4 Classroom!

We have been getting into the fall spirit this month and have been enjoying the nice weather changes. We have been focusing on science and learning about all the changes that are happening outside right now. We have been talking about the changing leaves and changing weather. The kids love to look at the different types of leaves and all their different colors. In the classroom we have also been exploring science in our sensory table with water and colored rice. We have been exploring the way water makes our rocks and sticks feel different as well as talking about different animals as we make footprints in the rice. We have also been exploring what happens when you mix different colors of paint and what colors they turn into. Science is a really fun way for children to explore and learn.

As we move into the month of November, we will be turning our focus towards Social and Personal Skills which includes developing healthy relationships with others, developing strategies to regulate our emotions and behaviors, as well as seeing ourselves as unique individuals. We will be talking about different emotions through stories we read, such as My Many Colored Days as well as Kindness Makes Us Strong. Reading with the children gives a great opportunity to discuss these different emotions that we feel and to remind them that it is okay to have emotions; we just have to learn how to express them. We will also be displaying pictures of children with different emotions throughout the room that will allow your children to look at these pictures and talk about what is happening and how we might feel in those situations. Another thing we can do is display those pictures of different emotions on the mirror in the classroom and have the children try to mimic those emotions through their own facial expressions.

As we move into November and begin discussing emotions and developing relationships, I think it is important to remember that we all can feel these different emotions from day to day. And it is okay to feel these emotions; we just have to learn how to express those emotions in a healthy way. So, when your child is having these sometimes-unpleasant emotions at home, it is important to talk your children through them and help them deal with these emotions and remember that it is okay because we all have been there. Be patient and be kind!

Ms. Emily and Ms. Riley


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