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Ms Emily & Ms Ozzy's Class - Toddler 1

Hello from the Toddler 1 Classroom!

We are excited to be moving into the season of fall which will bring beautiful weather as well as beautiful colors as the leaves begin to change. This month we have been focusing on exploring our Creative Skills as well as learning about ourselves and the community that we live in. It is always exciting to explore different ways to be creative through play and exploration!

The kids really enjoyed coloring outside. We provided them with a clipboard with paper and colored pencils and allowed them to find a spot to draw in. I think it is great for everyone to enjoy this weather and create in an outdoor environment. We also love creating with play dough which the kids do quite often! A few other activities we have done to spark creativity is mixing two different colors while painting and observing how the colors change. We also were able to paint our pumpkins that we sent home for the families to enjoy. I know we always send home a lot of artwork from the children every day, but little ones are exploring their creativity which we hope they never lose! In learning about the community, we have been looking into many different aspects that make up our community such as firefighters, police officers, teachers, and doctors. It is important for the children to learn about all of these important people that make up our community, and they definitely enjoy learning about these different parts of the community. We also love looking out our windows to see the different vehicles driving by such as an ambulance, trash truck, school bus, fire truck, and many more! Getting to know our community just might spark up an interest in your child that they can carry throughout their lives.

As we move into the month of November, we will be switching our focus to Social and Personal Skills. We will be working on developing healthy relationships with the teachers as well as the other children that can help in their daily play and foster in their development. We will also be working on our emotions and understanding what those are as well as what they may look like in others. It is important for children to understand different emotions and behaviors that we have because it is something we will deal with all of our lives.

We are also excited to move into the holiday seasons which bring a lot of families together. We ask that the families send in pictures of the children with their families that we can display in the classroom. The children would love being able to look at their family throughout the day as well as learn about other families of their friends. We are excited to continue to explore and play, and we look forward to the coming month!

Miss Emily and Miss Ozzy


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