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Ms Emily & Ms Ozzy's Class - Toddler 1

Hello from the Toddler 1 classroom!

We have been busy learning about Mathematics, and I am sure you have heard your children counting as they are playing because we have been counting EVERYTHING! The children love counting everything from blocks and food to counting as we are putting on any articles of clothing. The children have really enjoyed this part! We have also been learning about our shapes. We traced magnets of different shapes and sizes as well as painted with different shapes. Learning sure can be fun with toddlers!

As we move into the month of October, we will be turning our focus towards creative skills and self and social awareness. Creative skills will allow the children to really explore their creative side through different mediums as well as through play. It is exciting to give children different materials and see where their mind takes them.

We will also be learning about ourselves as well as the social world around us. We will be talking about ourselves in a way that describes what we are capable of as well as learning about who we are. Another aspect to this is learning about our community and what it entails. We love learning about different community helpers as well as different shops and restaurants that are in our community. If you have any type of materials such as menus, grocery ads, magazines, etc., we would love to have those items in our classroom. Children enjoy learning about everyday things they see and hear, so it is important to learn about our community and the wonderful things about it! We are always excited to learn new things in the classroom, and we always find a way to make it fun! We are hoping for an amazing month full of learning and fall weather!

Miss Emily and Miss Ozzy


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