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Ms Emily & Ms Ozzy's Class - Toddler 1

Hello from the Toddler 1 classroom!

In August, Toddler 1 has been busy learning about Science. It is one of my favorite topics, so I love exploring with the children. The kids love to explore the playground and different items we can find outside. We have enjoyed many different flowers and plants in the garden, and the children love to watch the bumblebees move from flower to flower collecting pollen. We also love finding different bugs and talking about the different properties the bugs have. It is so exciting for the children to find a beetle or cricket. We have also been exploring and examining the environment around us. An example question posed is: "Whenever we build a tower and run a car into it, what will happen?" The children are using their problem-solving skills in every day play. Scientific properties are also found in books and reading. The children love reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and From Head to Toe by Eric Carle. Another thing the children enjoyed was blue rice in our sensory table with ocean animals and sea shells. It is a great way to have conversations about different creatures that live in our world. Science is always something that can be fun for children to learn through exploration and play.

As we move into the month of September, we will be turning our focus towards Mathematics. We will be looking at different patterns in our lives as well as learning shapes, numbers, and spatial awareness. We can learn patterns through different puzzles and manipulatives. Also, we can understand where things go in the classroom, one example being that plates and bowls are found in the Home Center. This will allow children to better understand patterns that they can build on as they move into more advanced learning. We will also have a fun time with learning shapes and numbers. The class will trace different shapes, do shape puzzles, stamp numbers, and work on recognition of those numbers. We can continue to learn new things every day, and the children can do it in fun and exciting ways through play and exploration.

We love spending time with your children in the classroom and helping them to learn new things that they will continue to grow on as they get older.

Miss Emily and Miss Ozzy


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