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Ms Emily & Ms Ozzy's Class - Toddler 1

Hello again from the Toddler 1 classroom!

We have been busy working on our social and personal skills which can help our children interact with others in the classroom. The toddler years are a lot about figuring ourselves out as individuals as well as learning to interact with others and what that looks like. It is important to provide the children with the description of their emotions that can help them understand themselves as well as feel secure in knowing that others understand them. Some ways we are helping the children identify and understand their emotions is by offering pictures that display different emotions, reading books that talk about different emotions, showing the children what emotions look like so they can see it in others, and listening to songs that talk about emotions. It is important to provide children with fun ways to learn different skills which can help the children understand what it is like to feel these different emotions that we go through every day.

As we move into the month of July, we are turning our focus towards communication skills and early literacy. This skill builds on our previous month of social and personal skills in that it helps us to learn how to communicate with others in day-to-day interactions with others. We are also focusing on literacy and the skills that can bring to the children. We will be reading books and reading more books! Reading books with your children helps develop so many skills as well builds relationships between you and your child. We will be offering different books throughout the classroom so that children can connect what they are reading with what they are playing with. Later this month, we will also be asking families to bring in one of their favorite books from home that we can read together as a class. The children will love sharing their favorite stories with their friends!

We are excited to see what this next month brings and all the wonderful things we will continue to learn in the classroom!

Miss Emily and Miss Ozzy

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