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Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

Greetings to all our families!

In June we spent time "building an interest in learning through persistence and varying degrees of initiative, curiosity, sensory exploration, and problem solving.” We mixed paints to see how the colors changed, identified colors, and read books including It Looks Like Spilled Milk. The kids have been enjoying playing in the water to cool off from the heat.

In July we will be working on ELG Creative Skills Standard 1: The child participates in activities to foster individual creativity. Mobile Infant: 6-18 months - Begin to understand his/her world by using senses to explore and experience the environment.

Toddler: 16-36 months - Begin to express thoughts and feelings through creative movement, music and dramatic activities.

We will be using stick puppets for “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and “5 Little Monkeys Teasing Mister Alligator” to foster creativity during our circle time songs. We will read The Duckling Gets a Cookie and match pictures of half cookies. We will read Not a Box, then we'll have boxes for the kids to explore and pretend, encouraging them to think about things in new and creative ways. During art we will use kitchen tools and car tools to paint. We will also explore different textures in our sensory table such as cloud dough, shredded paper, and berry scented play dough-inspired by the book Jamberry. Creative thinking skills will help your child to think about how to use things in new ways and to solve problems. These creative skills are needed not only for jobs that we typically think of as creative such as artists and writers, but also in other areas such as in the fields of science and engineering where the ability to solve problems and create solutions requires ingenuity and creativity. Ms Debra & Ms Angie


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