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Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

Hello T2 Families,

It’s hard to believe that fall is upon us. We have already began to see falling leaves and cooler days; a nice change from the heat of summer.

We have had a busy month in T2 as we learned about transportation. We have read books, sang songs, made various sized steering wheels, and pointed out the different vehicles we saw going by. We worked on naming and signing (ASL) different transportation vehicles. We learned the signs for car, truck, and tractor; and even the signs for helicopter, boat, and airplane. is a great resource for learning new ASL signs.

During the coming month we will be building literacy and math skills together. We will be reading books with math concepts like; shapes and numbers, counting our friends in the room; comparing leaves they find using math terms such as “big” and “little”, and describing the colors and shapes of the leaves.

To help build literacy skills, we will be printing out their names with their pictures on one side so they can begin to see and recognize their own names and the names of their friends. We will also have them use writing tools to make marks and scribbles on paper. These simple activities of reading, drawing, making simple comparisons, and putting names to objects and people, go a long way in developing literacy and math skills.

I hope this information can help you see how simple everyday activities with your child like coloring, pointing and naming, describing your surroundings, counting socks, and naming the left and right foot as you help your child get dressed, build skills and understanding of things that will help them throughout their life.

Ms. Debra

Toddler Room 2


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