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Ms Debra's Class - Infants

Greetings to our Infant Room Families!

It is already December, and songs of Christmas are all around. I hope you and your family are doing well this holiday season and are enjoying the fun, exciting things it brings.

During November, we learned about health, safety, and science by washing hands, exploring safe environments, responding to adults, and using our senses to explore and learn about our ever-changing environment, including outside. We read books including books about animals, including a turkey book.

In December we will be looking at Social and Emotional Development and Self and Social Awareness (Social Studies). We will be building relationships with each other in our classroom family, learning about our own and others' needs, how to safely interact with and near each other, and learn about some of the emotions as we name them throughout the day in songs, with sign language, and in books.

According to Early Learning Guidelines - "Social development serves as the foundation for relationships, giving meaning to them. When teachers develop positive, nurturing relationships with young children, the young child feels more secure in the environment and is more likely to feel comfortable learning and growing." We look forward to continuing to build our school community with your children as we strive each day to make your child feel safe, loved, and secure as they explore and spend their days with us.

Ms. Debra

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