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Ms Deb's Class - Infants

Greetings to our Infant Room Families!

It is hard to believe November is already upon us, and we are beginning to enter the busy holiday season. I hop all is well with your families and that you have been enjoying watching your little ones grow as much as we have. During October, we worked on developing our physical abilities including balance and fine motor skills. We painted with hands and feet, explored bubbles, and held mini pumpkins.

During November, we will be learning about health, safety, and science. Health and safety with infants include things like washing hands, showing interest in food/bottles, exploring safe environments, and responding to adults. We will also be building science skills including using our senses to explore and learn about our ever-changing environment, including outside. We will encourage and talk about safe play and exploration, building simple self-help skills and problem solving. We will read books, including books about animals including a turkey book.

According to early learning guidelines on health and safety, “Handwashing routines, dressing for weather, and eating nutritional foods are some health and safety practices occurring daily in a learning environment. Teachers are responsible for creating a setting where good hygiene and sanitation are practiced; providing safe and appropriate space, materials, and furnishings; and modeling good health and safety behaviors.”

Miss Debra and Miss Alyssa


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