Ms Deb's Class - Infants

Welcome, September!

It seems as though this year is racing by as we are getting ready to greet Fall in Oklahoma! Many changes happened in August. One was that some of our families relocated out of state. As much as we disliked seeing them go, we wish them well as they embark on their new journeys. Also in August, we witnessed many developmental milestones in the Infant room. I personally am so happy to be back at the Downtown center, working with familiar infants and teachers. I am enjoying the smaller class size. This allows more one-on-one time with the babies.

One of our favorite activities is reading. No matter the age, reading is fun and educational. Did you know emergent literacy begins at birth? Read to your babies often - it only takes a few minutes here and there. What if they pick out a book with so many words that they will get bored? You can describe the pictures instead. Let children take the lead, have fun, and embrace the bonding.

In September, we will be turning our discussions and art activities to a Fall theme. We will continue to work on reaching milestones and our social-emotional skills. I am also going to make the room’s family wall, so please send or email family pictures to be included!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or updates.

Have a great month!

Ms. Deb

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