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Ms Deb's Class - Infants

Greetings to all our families!

It has been a pleasure spending time this last month getting to know the babies and families better. In August we spent time building language skills as we read books to the babies, talked with them, and sang to them throughout the day, exposing them to the different sounds. As we read, we pointed out things in pictures, we named items we showed, and played with items such as balls and maracas. Babies are always listening and soaking up things in their surroundings, building an understanding of their world, and building knowledge of words long before they can speak them.

In September we will be working on Math skills. According to Oklahoma Early Guidelines on Mathematics:

“Through play and exploration, very young children begin developing math concepts. These concepts are much broader than counting and number experiences. Children begin to notice similarities and differences while experiencing size, shape, texture and function through his/her senses. Young children also begin to understand quantity, time and space through caregiving routines and daily activities.” Some things we will do to incorporate math into our class room are placing objects within the reach of the children that have different textures, shapes, and colors; placing their hands on their bottles when feeding; and providing pictures for them to see and focus on. This will also help us to continue to have a language-rich environment needed for infants and young children as they are constantly learning about their world and the languages surrounding them. Sincerely,

Miss Debra & Miss Alyssa


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